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Euphoric Stimulant




Methamphetamine is a strong physical and mental stimulant found in both prescription and street forms. It is very easy to produce which has contributed to its widespread use. Meth is commonly used as a recreational drug. It is legally prescribed for treatment of ADD/ADHD under the brand name Desoxyn, for both children and adults. On the street it is most commonly found in cyrstal form (see the picture below), but also can be found as an odorless, white or off-white, bitter-tasting powder, though it is also found in pills and capsules. It is most frequently snorted, but is also used orally, smoked, and injected. Methamphetamine production is a relatively simple process, especially when compared to many other recreational drugs. It is frequently reported on in the media when home meth-producing labs are busted or blow up due to the dangerous chemicals used to make it.


When meth is first used, the effects feel somewhat more like Ecstasy (MDMA) than a simple stimulant including a sense of euphoria, openness, and intellectual expansion. There is a mild psychedelic component as the new user feels they see the world a little differently. The sensation of ‘mind-expansion’ and openness quickly fade after the first few uses and physical and mental stimulation dominate the experiential effects. As with other psychoactives, different routes of use have different profiles of effects. Methamphetamine ingestion tends to lack rushing, and has less euphoric effects, which tends to cause far less of a feeling of wanting to do it again than the other methods. Smoking and injecting methamphetamine are associated with stronger, more euphoric effects and these are most associated with addictive/compulsive user patterns. Users of large amounts of amphetamines over a extended period of time can develop an amphetamine psychosis, which is a mental disorder similar to paranoid schizophrenia. This psychosis is manifested by hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. Bizarre, sometime violent, behavior is exhibited by those with amphetamine psychosis. Symptoms tend to disappear within a few weeks after drug use stops.

Noticeable Effects

  • euphoria
  • sweating
  • weight loss
  • aggressiveness
  • excessive talking
  • increased sexuality
  • shortness of breath
  • itching, welts on skin
  • moodiness & irritability
  • disturbed sleep patterns
  • decreased need for sleep
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • anxiousness & nervousness
  • reduced enjoyment of eating
  • increased energy and alertness
  • aggressive and violent behavior
  • loss of interest in sex, over time
  • panic, suspiciousness & paranoia
  • excessive excitation, hyperactivity
  • severe depression, suicidal tendencies
  • visual & auditory hallucinations (hearing voices)
  • tightened jaw muscles, grinding teeth (trismus and bruxia)
  • false sense of confidence and power (delusions of grandeur)
  • loss of appetite (anorexia), leading to poor nutrition and weight loss with heavy use
  • involuntary body movements (uncontrollable movement and/or twitches of fingers, facial & body muscles, lip-smacking, tongue protrusion, grimacing, etc.)

Effects of Repeated Use

  • stroke
  • liver damage
  • possible brain damage
  • lowered resistance to illnesses
  • fatal kidney and lung disorders
  • permanent psychological problems

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